A Nail Shape for Every Occasion

Have you ever seen a new nail shape and wondered which shape you should wear, what it means and what would match or look best with it? Here’s a list of 12 shapes out there and our recommendations for best look and fit. 

What better way to show off your unique style than with cool nail print designs! To have a successful print, it’s best to have a clear, flat nail bed and shape that will accentuate your design. 


The square shape is one of the simplest looks out there, but it can also come across as edgy, sharp and professional when paired with the right print design. This nail shape is practical and low maintenance (yay!)

Since it’s simply done by filing the tip of your nail in a straight line, this look usually looks best on long fingers and can give you an elegant look.




One of the most popular and common looks worn today, the oval elongates your nails and gives you a soft feminine look. Paired with a sleek design, the oval shape creates the illusion of length and is great for both short or long fingers. Prints that are geometrical, floral or even picturesque go well with this nail shape.




Fun name, and a great mix between the first two shapes we’ve mentioned – Square + Oval! This look is a little softer than the square shape, but a little sharper than the oval. Squoval nails never go out of style and can suit any type of nail length! We love this look with animal prints, stripes and alphabet letters. It literally looks good on everyone!



What’s the best nail shape for everyday wear? Well, really any nail shape works. But, sometimes we want to just chill out and rock a simple color,  no need for designs, or accessories, just our beautiful nail shapes in an everyday feel.



The rounded look works well with short or long nails or fingers. This classic look goes well with every nail polish color. From bright summer blues and yellows, to classic nudes or even reds. The rounded shape can give you that everyday chill vibe for a hot summer day!





Just like it’s name, the slim, tapered sides that end in a round point are a great look for work, home or fun. Your nails need to be a bit longer to pull off this look, but their modern, chic style creates a slender look for your fingers.

We love to see the almond shape paired with a bold red or pink polish for a night out on town, or earthy tones for a subtle feel at the office. It works for every occasion.




This nail shape is both pretty and elegant, but unfortunately, not as practical. This shape can sometimes need a lot of care.  It looks great with neutrals and soft colors. They are done by having long nails with squared off tips like a ballerina shoe. It’s sometimes known as coffin nails.



There are just some days when we want to make a statement! Show off our glam and bravery. These nails shapes are some great ways to do just that.



Stand out than with stiletto nails! These long pointed nails give you a unique, modern look that will definitely put you in the spotlight! While impractical for everyday use, they  look great at events and any time you want to look fabulous. Stiletto nails can look good with just about any polish, but some of our favorites are metallic or painted nail art.





Like it’s name, this nail shape is just that – a beautiful lipstick. This shape can give you a funky, fun and unique look that pairs so well with bright colors. What we love about this shape is how well it works with just about any accessory. From glitter, to gem stones, lace or spots, lipstick nails give you the right amount of glam to stand out in the crowd.





Similar to Edge nails, but a bit of a softer version. The point is shorter, and like it’s name, it looks like the tip of an arrow.  This shape comes across a bit aggressive, but goes well with strong colors and bold make up. Try it, if you dare!




Sometimes  you might not have the best natural nails, and a good nail extension – both gel or acrylic is important for your look. The fun part about extensions is that we can get creative with our nail shapes.



A favorite of Lady Gaga, the mountain peak shape is a bit sharper than almond nails and usually looks best with extensions. It’s very striking and sharp and can be worn with longer nails or a bit shorter for a different feel.
You’ll have to be careful with this daring look, as it can be difficult to maintain and a deadly weapon when doing everyday tasks.




A more unconventional shape that doesn’t fit everyone.  But, when done with extensions, you get amazing edges and a glamorous look – just like a prism. This look really suits a night out or gala event, and it’s not that suitable for a professional environment – but if you’re game, give it a try!



There is always one nail style that’s kinda out there. It’s cool in it’s own way and might be worth the one time try, but for us, we think this nail shape might be better to try another day…



Life is Short, and Fashion is unpredictable, but fun. So, dare to try something new? Maybe tomorrow. The flare shape is a lot like duck feet (another name it’s sometimes called). It’s not very practical for everyday life as it can easily get stuck on objects or your clothing. If you’re looking for something unique, it might just be the fit for you!



So next time you visit your nail salon, check out what new nail shape, color and style  you’d like to try. Be sure to post a picture on our facebook page or instagram ! Show us what type of nails you’ve worn today!