Flowers in Fall

With a little bit of cool weather coming our way in Bangkok, what’s better than a pretty nail design to go along! Flowers in Fall is a classy, chic look that’s great for both work and home.

Here’s how it’s done!


While you might not think that a base coat is important, we always recommend it. Why? Well, even though WhoCares’ long wear polish has as few chemicals as is possible (with our 5-Free Formula), a good base coat can have a lot of benefits! – It reduces the amount of staining, and gives a protective layer between the nail and pigment of the polish.


I always feel that a pretty nude color can give a subtle and soft look that works perfectly for an office setting. Selecting a nude color that works with your skin tone can take some consideration, some people like darker nudes, and other lighter. For this look, we recommend using La Brea as the light color gave a great setting for the Fall Flowers to really pop!


Here’s the fun part! I love printing my nails – it’s amazing to be able to see such intricate designs on my nails. For those who are a little more artsy, it’s fun to be able to create your own artwork on the computer and make those truly limited editions. But today, we’ve used one of WhoCares by Nailae’s ready-made gorgeous designs called “Boom” and boom! does it look cute!

You can check out more of the ready-made designs by downloading the app


Once your prints are on, don’t forget your Top Coat to really give your look that extra shine! A top coat is helpful to maintain a high gloss shine and help your look to last longer!